Report on the Seminar at Kallista

The Introduction to Healing Prayer Ministry held last Saturday at Chestnut Hill Conference Lodge by Beth Tephillah Ministries was attended by thirteen people and five BT team members. A number of the participants had no previous awareness of prayer ministry.

Jesus gave us the first of the still, bright days that followed the freezing storms earlier in the week. Warm fires, beautiful food, an informal setting, the sight of majestic trees and brilliantly coloured birds, and Rob and Cathy’s delightful hospitality kept everyone in a good frame of mind to learn some of the new things that Jesus has been showing us this year.

The focus was on healing prayer ministry not just being offered in prayer centres, but on it being part of what Jesus taught ALL of his disciples and followers to do in their daily life. The healings are not the message, but they are the evidence that the message is true. The message is the same as the one that Jesus declared in his first teaching – “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near”. Or, “Your thinking about God has been wrong, so change your thinking. God has not abandoned you, he is with you (immanuel).”

As Graham Cooke would put it, “If your first thought was wrong, then have another thought!”

We emphasised that prayer ministry is not primarily about removing people’s pain (especially if the pain is being allowed by God for some purpose), but it is about joining into that intimate, experiential, relationship of love between Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We looked at a sampling of topics, including the purpose of prayer ministry, knowing and hearing God, the laws of the universe, the wounds of life, pre-birth healing, generational healing, demons and demonisation, and forgiveness and repentance, along with some practical experience exercises.

Comments were received about the loving, gentle approach taken, which has given some confidence to move forward in their own ministry, and others to ask for ministry for themselves.  The pre-birth experience was very moving for some who now realise they have some work to do.

We’ve been asked to consider making this a continuing event, and will probably develop a number of seminars focused on “new” disciples who might not truly have discovered yet what Jesus is really on about in the world, and the true nature and purpose of the Church and the life of a follower of Jesus. We remember years ago when the first “Healing the Whole Person” course was run at Williamstown by WTCM(A), someone commented – “This is Christianity 101. Why weren’t we told this stuff before!”

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Prayer Ministry has recommenced at Frankston

We are very pleased to welcome back the prayer ministry team at the Hope Centre, St Luke’s Anglican Church Frankston.

St Luke’s has had a history of prayer ministry and a long association with the Healing Prayer Ministries Network. Di and I enjoyed working alongside the coordinator, Ian Battersby, when he was Vicar of St Luke’s, and when he and I were board members of Wholeness through Christ Australia. The evening services we occasionally attended at St Luke’s were a delight. It appears that Ian and Carol will be enjoying a very active retirement.

We pray for you both and the team at St Luke’s that Jesus will bless abundantly all that you do in his Name.

Mal and Di

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Our experience of the Immanuel Experience Retreat

Di and I (Mal) have just returned from the Immanuel Experience, a 4 day live in retreat at Chestnut Hill Conference Lodge, Kallista. This was advertised here on June 6.

The retreat was run by Martin Elvidge and a team from The Open Hand of Western Australia, and hosted by Catch the Fire Australasia. Note that this is not Danny Nallia’s Catch the Fire Ministries, but is part of the original Catch the Fire, a family of churches and ministries worldwide that was birthed as a result of the incredible revival that began in Toronto in 1994. Catch The Fire encompasses a growing network of churches, a college with International Schools of Ministry, a missions program and events running all over the world.

Now, back to the retreat. If you ever have the opportunity to join in an Immanuel Experience, please take it. The whole time was saturated in love and prayer, and most of all – the presence of Jesus. We did learn about healing prayer ministry, but in a way that I believe anybody could do. And it is effective!

However, the whole experience has confirmed to Di and myself the direction we and our ministry team have been moving for some time now – that the primary purpose of prayer ministry is not to bring healing and resolution to issues, nor is it to remove a person’s pain. These are secondary things. The main purpose is to enable them to come into, and experience, the real presence of Jesus in their lives. The result of this is that Jesus is then able to work with them through their stuff.

How does this change how we carry out ministry? First, it is Jesus’ job, not ours. We just facilitate for the person what Jesus is wanting to do. We keep them focussed continually on Jesus, centred in his presence. They ask him what he wants to look at with them and what he wants to do about it. We don’t try to interject our own knowledge and experience, we just do and say what Jesus tells us.

This is so simple, relaxing and effective. Of course, some of us have had so much training and accumulated such an amount of knowledge and techniques, that it is not at all easy to keep our ideas and hands off. I had to resolve right at the start when I was ministering to someone that “I must shut up”, and I told the person that just to make sure I did it. The resulting ministry was deep, gentle and beautiful, just as it had been when I received ministry myself.

Immanuel Healing and the Immanuel Experience are not just healing methods, they are a lifestyle of living intimately in the presence of Jesus.

There will be a further Immanuel Healing course at Kallista in November this year. Watch for details – space will be limited.

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Essendon Prayer Healing Ministry Training Course

Prayer Healing Ministry Training Course 2014:

Where: Essendon Baptist Community Church, 138 Buckley St., Essendon 3040.

When: 10am – 2.30pm over four Saturdays: 19th July, 23rd August, 11th October, and 8th November 2014.

Cost: $75 (concession available on request) includes lunch and cost of manuals.

Enquiries: Mark Hamalainen 9331 4500 or

More details on the course and a registration form can also be downloaded here.

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The Immanuel Experience

The Immanuel Experience:

Spread the Fire Australia are conducting another Immanuel Experience weekend at Chestnut Hill Conference Lodge, Kallista, 4-7 July.

For another way to experience healing prayer ministry check details on the HPMN Events Page.

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Retreat: Wildflowers In The Desert

Retreat In Williamstown:

Triple Heart Ministries presents

Wildflowers In The Desert

Saturday 19 July 2014

Sturt Desert Pea

At first glance the desert looks quite dry and inhospitable yet it is here we find the most extragvagant of wildflowers growing.

Not only do they manage to survive the harsh desert conditions but in season they thrive and carpet the landscape.

What about you? How do you survive the desert seasons of life?

Come and join us for the day in Williamstown as we encounter the God who created these beautiful wildflowes and yet has so much more in store for us!

Session 1 – Wildflowers In The Desert

Session 2 – Disappointment With God

Session 3 – Prophecy In The Desert

Session 4 – From Desert To Destiny

To be held at Beth Tephillah Ministry Centre, Williamstown

Check the HPMN Events Page

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Two Events from Ellel Ministries Australia

Kevin and Anne Cranwell have passed on information about two Ellel events:

The first is An evening with Jill Southern-Jones, speaking on Freedom From Fear.

When: Wednesday, 23rd July 2014, 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Where: Crossway Baptist Church, 2 Vision Drive, Burwood East VIC 3151
Cost: $20 (cash only) at the door
Enquiries: See details on the HPMN Events Page

The second event is the Ellel Conference, to be held at New Peninsula Baptist Church on 26th and 27th of July

The theme is You are a Chosen People… a conference about men, women and relationships.

Again, see the Events Page for details and registration forms.


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Workshop: Suicide Ministry: Theology & Practice


Christ Church Dingley.

Suicide Ministry – Theology & Practice: Entering the World of the Suicide & the Bereaved

Christ Church Dingley would like invite you to participate in a workshop designed to equip the Christian community with a greater understanding of how to minister to those at risk of suicide, self-harm and those bereaved of suicide. The workshop offers both theoretical and practical training in the areas of prevention, intervention, and postvention.

Training Day: Saturday, August 2nd 2014
Registrations Close: Monday 21st July
Registration: 8:45am
Workshop: 9am-4:30pm

**Certificate of Attendance provided
**Morning / afternoon tea & lunch provided

Cost: $50 per person

Location: Christ Church Dingley. 387 Old Dandenong Road, Dingley Village

Check the HPMN Events Page for details and registration.


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Seminar: Introduction to Healing Prayer Ministry

Seminar Day:

Introduction to Healing Prayer Ministry

In response to the interest generated by Dr. Charles Kraft’s wonderful teaching at Chestnut Hill in 2013, a seminar day has been arranged as an Introduction to Prayer Ministry at Chestnut Hill Conference Lodge, St James Avenue, Kallista (Mel 75 K2), on Saturday 2nd August 2014, from 9:30am to 4:30pm.

The day is for anyone you know who might like to find about healing prayer ministry, with a sampler of various keys for prayer ministry and healing, including practical demonstrations. Discover where prayer ministry fits in with Jesus’ command to all his followers to go into all the world and make disciples.

The trainers will be Malcolm and Diana Dow of Beth Tephillah Ministry Centre in Williamstown.

The cost of $50.00 includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea and notes. Come and enjoy Rob and Cathy Ellis’ wonderful hospitality.

Go to the Events Page for more details.


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Hobsons Bay Churches Carols 2012

Celebrate the birth of Jesus with us. Come to:

  • Trafalgar Reserve, Trafalgar Avenue, Altona Meadows on Saturday 22nd December


  • Commonwealth Reserve, Nelson Place, Williamstown on Sunday 23rd December.

If you and your family love singing carols, then why not come to both?

If it is too wet for the carols to be held outside there is a wet weather plan for both events. At Altona Meadows the Community Centre next to the reserve will be used, while at Williamstown we will be in St. Mary’s Catholic Church at 116 Cecil Street.

Hobsons Bay Churches Carols 2012

You can download a poster to display by clicking here.

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