Some of my blogs and Google groups are now linked

In the interests of wider communication I am experimenting with automatic linking between some of my blogs and their associated email discussion groups.

This is a test email to all of my blogs to see if the linking works OK. If it works this message will appear as a post on each blog and on its associated group. The blogs and groups involved are:

Blog – a reasonable mystic –
Google Group – a reasonable mystic –

Blog – Dark Night of the Soul – Google Group – Dark Night of the

Website – Prayer Ministries Network –
Google Group – Prayer Ministries Network –

Mal Dow

Blog – hobsonsbaychurches –
Google Group – Hobsons Bay

Blog – Mal’s Meanderings –

Blog – awakeningwestblog –

Blog – speakintongues –

Website – Burden Bearer –
Google Group – Burden Bearer –
Website – Listening 2 God –
Google Group – listening2god –

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