Charles Kraft – I Give You Authority

We met Charles Kraft back in 1995 and warmed to his style of ministry. When the Prayer Ministries Network invited him to conduct a Deep Healing seminar in 2001 Beth Tephillah Ministry Centre staff were heavily involved. In 2003 Beth Tephillah Ministries arranged a series of seminars on deep healing, spiritual warfare and leadership.

It is great that the Restoration conference 2007 gave us the opportunity to hear him expand more fully on the Authority we have as believers in Jesus Christ. Well done to the Restoration team and Australia for Christ Fellowship for their hard work. We connected with a lot of people and it is exciting to hear of more people being trained and equipped to minister healing and deliverance.

Dr. Kraft taught from his book, I Give You Authority. Chuck’s story, his humour, and years of experience encouraged us all to deal with sin issues that give the devil a foothold, to “have a go”, and to exercise our authority in Jesus in all areas of life. As believers, our name is added to the credit card the Father gives to his children.

Chuck will be speaking at South Perth Church of Christ 23-25 August and Clovercrest Baptist Church (South Australia) 30 August – 1st September. I know the people who attend will enjoy themselves and learn heaps.

We are glad Meg was with him again this time. Since her last visit to Melbourne in 2003 she has published Frontline Women: Negotiating Crosscultural Issues in Ministry. With her husband, Marguerite Kraft has taught generations of students at Fuller Seminary. Now retired, she is enjoying a quieter pace in between travelling with Chuck. We heard from him how his authority in Christ extended protective covering for his wife, children and grand-children.

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