How many blogging pastors are there?

Darren Rowse, the Problogger, has written an interesting post about how to keep blogging when it feels like nobody is reading your blog. Darren speaks of his time as a pastor learning to preach by speaking to a room full of empty pews.

As a fellow pastor I know that feeling well, and as an aspiring problogger I’m feeling it even more often. However, for me the eye openner came when I started to read the comments to Daren’s post. There just seemed to be so many pastors and other church leaders there.

Of course, I know a lot of pastors are now using a blog as part of their ministry, as I do. They post sermons and church news for the benefit of their congregation and others. However, these were not just pastors posting on church themes. No, these were pastors and ex-pastors who now post for many other reasons.

I often attend the ordination services for new pastors in my denomination, and am always interested to discover just how many become pastors out of a professional science background, as I did. Well, here’s another interesting question – how many professional bloggers enter the “profession” after a career as a minister or pastor?

Any more want to come out of the closet (or is it vestry)?

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