BlogRush Can Get You Traffic

 Promoting Your BlogI’ve just installed a new widget on this blog, provided by BlogRush. You can see it in the left sidebar.

When you sign up for BlogRush (it’s free) and submit your blog details, you are provided with code for the widget to put on your page. This will display headlines from the blogs of other members of BlogRush which are relevant to the content of your blog. When a visitor clicks on a header it opens the other blog in a new window.

For every click you get on your widget you have one of your own blog headers displayed on someone else’s BlogRush widget.

In addition, if you refer someone to BlogRush, either by them clicking on the link in your widget, or on your direct referral link such as this one – BlogRush. If they sign up for and use BlogRush then you receive 10% of the traffic they generate.

I’ve used many traffic generators in the past, with mixed success. However, I believe this one could well work as it will mostly be used by bloggers with similar interests to your own. It is a way of having your blog be seen in more places.

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