Earn Money with WidgetBucks

Making Money with Your BlogThere’s a new alternative, or supplement, to the Adsense ads on your blog – WidgetBucks.

Once you sign up on the WidgetBucks website, you can select from a number of styles of ad, similar in size and shape to some of the Adsense ads. You can either select a product type for the ads, which should keep you in line with the Adsense terms and conditions, or you can allow the WidgetBucks context sensitive system to determine the best products based on the content of your page.

WidgetBucks also has an affiliate scheme, allowing you to earn 10% of your referrals earnings for 12 months.

Payment has a minimum of $50 and can be by cheque or PayPal. It’s open to anyone, so why not give WidgetBucks a try?


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