The Churches Directory has been updated

The directory of churches in Hobsons Bay has now been updated to the extent of the information we have on hand. If someone from each church could check their entry and let us know of any changes needed, or even that the entry is correct, it would be a great help.

Information for some churches is clearly incomplete, and is proving difficult to obtain. Any assistance there would also be appreciated. Sometimes even their own denominational or diocesian records and church websites are far out of date.

Updated details can be passed on via the comment form at the bottom of each page, or through the details on the Contacts Page.

The next target is the Events Page. Again, passing on of any relevant information would help in this. Following that I’ll find a way to reinstate email addresses in the directory and other pages. The previous method for keeping them safe from robots and spammers doesn’t work with the new system.

Thanks for your help. Mal Dow

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