Report on the Seminar at Kallista

The Introduction to Healing Prayer Ministry held last Saturday at Chestnut Hill Conference Lodge by Beth Tephillah Ministries was attended by thirteen people and five BT team members. A number of the participants had no previous awareness of prayer ministry.

Jesus gave us the first of the still, bright days that followed the freezing storms earlier in the week. Warm fires, beautiful food, an informal setting, the sight of majestic trees and brilliantly coloured birds, and Rob and Cathy’s delightful hospitality kept everyone in a good frame of mind to learn some of the new things that Jesus has been showing us this year.

The focus was on healing prayer ministry not just being offered in prayer centres, but on it being part of what Jesus taught ALL of his disciples and followers to do in their daily life. The healings are not the message, but they are the evidence that the message is true. The message is the same as the one that Jesus declared in his first teaching – “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near”. Or, “Your thinking about God has been wrong, so change your thinking. God has not abandoned you, he is with you (immanuel).”

As Graham Cooke would put it, “If your first thought was wrong, then have another thought!”

We emphasised that prayer ministry is not primarily about removing people’s pain (especially if the pain is being allowed by God for some purpose), but it is about joining into that intimate, experiential, relationship of love between Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We looked at a sampling of topics, including the purpose of prayer ministry, knowing and hearing God, the laws of the universe, the wounds of life, pre-birth healing, generational healing, demons and demonisation, and forgiveness and repentance, along with some practical experience exercises.

Comments were received about the loving, gentle approach taken, which has given some confidence to move forward in their own ministry, and others to ask for ministry for themselves.  The pre-birth experience was very moving for some who now realise they have some work to do.

We’ve been asked to consider making this a continuing event, and will probably develop a number of seminars focused on “new” disciples who might not truly have discovered yet what Jesus is really on about in the world, and the true nature and purpose of the Church and the life of a follower of Jesus. We remember years ago when the first “Healing the Whole Person” course was run at Williamstown by WTCM(A), someone commented – “This is Christianity 101. Why weren’t we told this stuff before!”

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