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KYB in 2007

Twenty-five ladies from seventeen different churches spent a great year in the Know Your Bible study in Williamstown. For some, the first study of the year – The Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testament – brought them a deeper understanding of Who the Holy Spirit is, and how involved He was with the […] Continue reading

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Dreaming with God – A Sanctified Imagination

Since we wrote our Hearing God’s Voice course a number of new books have come our way which touch on aspects of that course. One of them is Bill Johnson’s Dreaming with God. In chapter 4, The Language of the Spirit, Johnson speaks about the role of a sanctified imagination: A yielded imagination becomes a […] Continue reading

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New Article Series on Speaking in Tongues

The Spiritual gift of speaking in tongues is an important part of the believers arsenal in listening to and obeying the voice of God. However, a great deal of the available teaching is misleading, and sometimes deceptive. There is a strong focus on the dangers, prompting believers to live in fear rather than faith, with […] Continue reading

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