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Report on the Seminar at Kallista

The Introduction to Healing Prayer Ministry held last Saturday at Chestnut Hill Conference Lodge by Beth Tephillah Ministries was attended by thirteen people and five BT team members. A number of the participants had no previous awareness of prayer ministry. Jesus gave us the first of … Continue reading Continue reading

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Accurate Listening

One thing we are learning through ministering to others is the need to listen accurately. It is possible to get so excited when we finally begin to hear in the spirit that we will listen to anything, and accept it as from God. There is such a contrast between our old conservative, ‘Bible only’ Christianity […] Continue reading

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Dreaming with God – A Sanctified Imagination

Since we wrote our Hearing God’s Voice course a number of new books have come our way which touch on aspects of that course. One of them is Bill Johnson’s Dreaming with God. In chapter 4, The Language of the Spirit, Johnson speaks about the role of a sanctified imagination: A yielded imagination becomes a […] Continue reading

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Approaches to Listening to God

There are many approaches in the church to listening to God. Three that have been part of my own church experience are: Traditional/Evangelical churches often equate hearing from God with reading the Bible, hearing powerful preaching, listening to authorities, or using some kind of democratic process to decide between alternative opinions. This is what I […] Continue reading

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Listening without Knowing

I just posted an article to Mal’s Meanderings which looks at the example of some of this world’s heroes, who often had no idea of the eventual ramifications of their selfless acts of courage. They just did it because it was right to do. In some cases such people have acted because they clearly heard […] Continue reading

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