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Keeping Christ Out of the Market Place

Earlier today I wrote a post about Hiding Christ from new Agers, intended for here. But, because I have too many blogs, as I discuss at MalcolmDow .com, it was posted to A Reasonable Mystic by mistake. I’m interested to … finish reading Keeping Christ Out of the Market Place Continue reading

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Hiding Christ from New Agers

This morning I was reading “My Prayer Journal” in the Victorian Baptist Witness. Part of the diary for Wednesday and Thursday went as follows: Something interesting happened today. Saw Greg put ‘religion’ and ‘new age’ books together (in the ‘new … Continue reading Continue reading

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Gods and men with three sides

In his opening chapter of Adams Vs. God: The Rematch, Phillip Adams quotes Charles de Montesquieu as saying, If a triangle made a god, it would give him three sides. This is true, as evidenced by the many god’s that … finish reading Gods and men with three sides Continue reading

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Adams vs God – the rematch

I’ve long enjoyed listening to Phillip Adams interview interesting people on his Australian ABC’s Late Night Live program. Given that Adams is an avowed and somewhat evangelical atheist, this may seem strange. However, it is not, and I challenge any … finish reading Adams vs God – the rematch Continue reading

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The green fervour: Is environmentalism the new religion?

Religion News Blog is not a blog I take a lot of notice of, as it is usually full of negative reports about the seemier side of religion, and I am a follower of Jesus who hates ‘religion’ with a … Continue reading Continue reading

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Welcome to Godly Science

Welcome to Godly Science. In this blog and website I want to explore the relationship between science and Christian faith. As someone who has had a career in both areas and is still passionate about both, I would like to … Continue reading Continue reading

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