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Scientific panic about Answers in Genesis Creation Museum opening

I was fascinated by a report from the BBC, rebroadcast on Australia’s News Radio this morning, about the new Creation Museum just opened in Kentucky by AnswersInGenesis. I don’t want to discuss the creation versus evolution debate just now. Rather, … Continue reading Continue reading

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The green fervour: Is environmentalism the new religion?

Religion News Blog is not a blog I take a lot of notice of, as it is usually full of negative reports about the seemier side of religion, and I am a follower of Jesus who hates ‘religion’ with a … Continue reading Continue reading

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Cognitive dissonance?

In Uncertain Principles Chad Orzel reports on a story in the New York Times about a young earth creationist studying paleontology. Even though Marcus Ross’s work is “impeccable,” according to David E. Fastovsky, Dr. Ross’s dissertation adviser, some people have … Continue reading Continue reading

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