Adoption Better than Abortion

“I would love to draw your attention to the Together for Adoption Conference, which we at The Babes Project are hosting in Croydon, Victoria on 18-19 November 2011.”

This is the opening line of an email I received about the Together for Adoption Conference which hopes to mobilize Christians across Australia to care for children at risk no matter where they be, even in the womb. The organization Together for Adoption aims to teach the scriptures on the issue of adoption as it applies to us and its implications for us imitating our God in his love for the fatherless and the vulnerable.

More info available by clicking on the hyperlinks.

See You There

Peter Zammit

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“Search and Rescue” Report

“Search and Rescue”

May I say that something very special and very ordinary happened over these 2 days in August in Hobson’s Bay this weekend.

A group of people from all over Hobson’s Bay met to sing, praise God, pray and talk. It was nothing too grand. Friday night we were moved by the passion of new young minister to the area who has a burden. A burden to let those who wander aimlessly through life, unaware that death threatens to swallow them up, know that there is an out. Jesus Christ, the answer to our life and destiny. 

His burden sprung from Ezekial 33. God had shown him that there is a sword that points to each and everyone of our lives and tells us we are bereft of any good whatsoever and deserve to die. That Jesus and the good news that he has taken that punishment on his shoulders, is a trumpet call of authority to summon people to action. Lastly that responsibilty lay on us who see this truth to warn those whom, as yet, have not.I do him little justice, as he spoke with such conviction and emotion born out of time with God and the scriptures, that to be there was to catch some of what he has been infected with by God. A love for the lost. Prayer followed.

The new day saw a period of instruction that enabled a time of people sharing some of their lives and stories with a few of the fellow community of Hobsons Bay. People reported of overcoming apprehension and finding that on the whole those they spoke to were quite receptive to the planting of seeds and the name of Jesus.

The extraordinary thing was that there was a sense by many that God has started something in Hobsons Bay. Something special with the potential to transform the church in Hobsons Bay and the whole city. A city forewarned and prepared for the coming sword, and the coming King.

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Simple Church Seminar

Simple Church Seminar

Saturday 13th August 10 am – 4 pm

 For those interested in new expressions of church and networking with others doing it.

Lunch: Bring finger food to share.

at “Beth Tephillah” 55 Park Crescent, Williamstown.

We invite you and people you think may like to know more to come.  Please let us know who is coming.

Grace and peace

Mal and Di Dow

Oikos Regional Team Melbourne West,
Pastors Williamstown Baptist Church and
Directors Beth Tephillah Ministry Centre
55 Park Crescent, Williamstown 3016

Ph/FAX: (03) 9397 2430

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SPECIAL Hobsons Bay Churches EVENT 12th & 13th August – Search & Rescue

Good Morning,

 I am writing to confirm that after a number of consultative meetings I can confirm that the above mentioned “Search and Rescue” event will take place on Friday night 12th August and continue the next day on Saturday 13th August.

 We know that the Great Commandment that Christ left with us was to go into all the world and preach the gospel yet survey after survey shows us that the thing that Christians do the least is “share the gospel”.

 This Conference has been convened because we believe the Holy Spirit is “urging” us gather to rediscover the need and the excitement of “sharing our faith”.

We hope this Conference inspires us and encourages us as we also share ideas about how we can reach out to a fallen world with the eternal life giving power of salvation in Jesus Christ.

 Entry to the Conference is free and we are encouraging you to come and bring as many people from your congregation as possible.

 If you have anyone who would like to be part of the worship team please send an email with details of their names and phone numbers so that we can co-ordinate their participation.

 The venue will be The Altona Salvation Army, 108 Queen Street, Altona (Melway Ref: 54 H11).

 The Schedule will be as follows:               

Friday 12th August            7.30pm – 10.00pm

Saturday 13th August      9.30am – 4.30pm

 This will include time for worship, prayer, special speakers and some practical “hands on” evangelism.

 I believe that this will prove to be one of the most important moments in the spiritual history of Hobsons Bay so I do hope you can plan on coming – with as many from your church as can come.

 If you know ahead of time the numbers that will come from your church please let me know by return email so that we can cater accordingly

 God bless,

Stephen Holt

Chairman of Hobsons Bay Churches

PS: If you would like to talk to me about anything regarding the Conference, please do not hesitate to reply by email at or ring me on 0425-797-390

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Upcoming Adoption Conference

In response to a recent article on website about the bad press adoption gets I posted the following comment:
I believe a very significant moment in our history occured when Mr Rudd on behalf of all new Australians apologized to the traditional owners of this land. He also apologized to the stolen generation, the aboriginal children, who were wrongly taken from their families and adopted out. An apology has also occured in Parliament to the ‘Lost Generation’, those mainly English orphans after World War 2, who were brought to Australia for adoption also. There are many sad stories amongst them. These apologies and recognition of our faults poses a solid foundation on which to move ahead with reparation. We need not only to make amends for our wrongs but also mend what has been broken to develop a system for adoption which protects, nutures and supports. After all this is what adoption is for and it is for the most vulnerable and precious member of our society, the child who has been left alone. Let us raise the profile of this issue with our elected representatives, others of influence, and with anyone who will listen.
To help achieve this there will be a conference in November, Together for Adoption. More information can be found on

An American organisation is the key presenter, Their mission is to resource the church so as to mobilize her to care for orphans anywhere.

This will be one worth attending especially if your heart is to care for orphans.

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Visit the Intimacy with God bookshop

The Intimacy with God Bookshop has now been built and opened on this site at this location. Visit the bookshop and have a look at the books.

There are currently books about intimacy with God, contemplative prayer, Christian mysticism and mystics, prayer, intercession, and burden bearing.

We plan to periodically add our favourites to the display.

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Welcome to the Starfish Network blog

Welcome to the Starfish Network blog. Join me here through the comments section, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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It’s been a long time coming

It has been a long time since I posted anything on this site. With so many websites and blogs to maintain, time has been short, quite apart from the many demands of pastoring a church and ministry. I’m also writing a book, but more of that later and elsewhere.

The site has undergone a complete rebuild, making it easier to add to and upgrade. Now I need to find a decent image for the header.

Since I was last here I have received an advanced licence, and I now have a two-letter amateur radio callsign. It is now VK3HL.

I plan to be a more regular poster from now on, both here and on my other sites. See you there, or on the air.

Mal – VK3HL

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Rebuild of Controversial Christian website using WordPress

The Controversial Christian website has been completely rebuilt using WordPress as a content management system.

The old site was far too complex, with its many cross-referenced indexes, and therefore it was too difficult to update and add new material. Hopefully this new site will see more regular additions to its content. The WordPress system also allows for easier interaction with users through the comment system, and has the trackback technology to know when links are made to the site from other websites and blogs. These will make it more possible to engage with readers in meaningful dialog.

I also plan to provide links to many resources, such as podcasts, videos, articles, books, blogs, websites, people, and organisations, to help readers decide where they might stand on some of the issues presented.

I look forward to hearing from you all and discussing some of the topics that will appear on the site.

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Welcome to the Controversial Christian Blog

Welcome to the Controversial Christian Blog. This is the website where we discuss those things that Christians (and others) all too easily argue about.

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